Grade Scale


Banknote Grade Scale

PO-1 (POOR) Heavily circulated note with major soiling/tears VF-35 (VF+) This note looks EF but may have a few light folds. They are attractive with little circulation MS-62 (UNC) Strictly uncirculated note that lacks some eye appeal. May have handling or corner tip issues
G-4 (GOOD) Heavily circulated note with numerous problems. Totally limp with impaired visual appeal EF-40 (aEF) Maximum of three light folds, one of which can be horizontal. Little, if any, circulation MS-63 (UNC) Imperfect centering. No folds in design. May be flat and have a flaw or two
G-6 (GOOD+) Very worn, serious splits, fraying of the margins and minor damage is evident EF-45 (EF) Maximum of three light folds, crisp and hardly handled MS-64 (chUNC) Note is well centered and shows signs of alterations (pressing etc). No folds in design
VG-8 (VG) Heavily circulated. Note is intact with no pieces missing. Soiling, stains or missing corner tips EF-47 (EF+) Usually a note with three light vertical folds that may look a much higher grade MS-65 (chUNC) Note with great colour and eye appeal. May have one minor distraction.
VG-10 (VG+) A solid whole note with lots of circulation. Limp with lots of minor problems AU-50 (aUNC) Two light folds, horizontal or vertical. Great eye appeal MS-66 (chUNC) Above average note with slight imperfections due to handling, margins or registration
F-12 (FINE) Considerable circulation. Rounded corners, pinholes, minor margin splits may be present AU-55 (aUNC) One to two light vertical folds MS-67 (chUNC) Great colour and eye appeal. A well centered note which may have very minor handling
F-15 (FINE+) Looks like a very fine but may have too many folds or too much circulation to warrant Very Fine AU-58 (aUNC+) Often a note with a light single fold that has been pressed or re-embossed to hide the fold MS-68 (GEM) Margins or registration may be slightly off to the naked eye. No significant handling
VF-25 (aVF) A circulated note with good eye appeal, but has too many folds or soiling for Very Fine MS-60 (UNC) A note with problems that result in diminished eye appeal (toned paper etc) but has no folds MS-69 (GEM) Margins or registration may be minutely off. No handling
VF-30 (VF) Still crisp, but may show a bit of circulation or light soiling. May have several light folds MS-61 (UNC) Usually poorly centered and margins are touching the design. Crisp, no folds MS-70 (GEM) The highest grade assigned. 50/50 margins and registration, and no handling