PNC Grade Scale

PNC Grading consists of two grading scales being used. The PNC coin will be graded out of 70 points and the Envelope/packaging will be graded out of 30 points. The total of these two grades will be combined to give a total grade out of 100 points. Both Grade scales are listed below.

Coin Grade Scale


Identifiable date and type VF-30 (VF) Almost complete detail with flat areas MS-62 (UNC) No wear. Slightly less marks/hairlines, strike may not be full


Mostly worn, some detail is visible

VF-35 (VF+)

Detail is complete with high points flat

MS-63 (chUNC)

No wear. Moderate number of marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

AG-3 (aGOOD)

Worn rims but most lettering is readable though worn

EF-40 (aEF)

Detail is complete with most high points slightly flat

MS-64 (chUNC)

Few marks/hairlines, strike should be average or above

G-4 (GOOD)

Slightly worn rims, flat detail, peripheral lettering nearly full

EF-45 (EF)

Detail is complete with some high points flat

MS-65 (GEM)

Minor marks/hairlines though none in focal areas, above average strike

G-6 (GOOD+)

Rims complete with flat detail, peripheral lettering full

EF-47 (EF+)

Detail is complete with a few high points flat. Superior eye appeal

MS-66 (GEM)

Few minor marks/hairlines though none in focal areas, good strike

VG-8 (VG)

Design worn with slight detail

AU-50 (aUNC)

Full detail with friction over most of the surface, slight flatness on high points

MS-67 (GEM)

Virtually as struck with minor imperfections, very well struck

VG-10 (VG+)

Design worn with slight detail, slightly clearer

AU-55 (aUNC)

Full detail and friction on less than 1/2 of surface, mainly on high points

MS-68 (GEM)

Virtually as struck with slight imperfections, slight weakness of strike allowed

F-12 (FINE)

Some deeply recessed areas with detail, all lettering sharp

AU-58 (aUNC+)

Full detail with only slight friction on high points

MS-69 (GEM)

Virtually as struck with minuscule imperfections, near full strike necessary

F-15 (FINE+)

Slightly more detail in recessed areas, all lettering sharp

MS-60 (UNC)

No wear. May have many heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS-70 (GEM)

As struck with full strike

VF-25 (aVF)

Some definition of detail, all lettering full and sharp

MS-61 (UNC)

No wear. Multiple heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full


Envelope Grade Scale

E-1 Major rips/creasing/soiling, virtually destroyed
E-3 Will contain all of the following, small nicks, creasing and stains
E-5 Will contain two of the following, small nicks, creasing and stains
E-10 Will contain one of the following, small nick, creasing or stain
E-15 May contain a small mark, slightly rounded corners, slight creasing
E-20 Will contain a small corner fold, sharp corners, no marks
E-25 Will contain one or more slightly rounded corners, no folds, creases or marks
E-28 May contain slight registration or colour problems, sharp corners, no folds, creases or marks
E-30 Perfect registration, sharp corners, strong colour, no folds, creases or marks